Off Season Spring/Summer Hockey Tournament

  • Off Season Spring/Summer Hockey Tournament

    Liability and Accident Insurance - protects tournament organizers. Priced by number of teams participating. Optional Referee accident insurance. Does not cover hockey players.

    Minimum premium includes tournament coverage for up to 20 teams.


    Minimum Premium

    Includes $25 CSIB and $25 FCA processing fees.

    Choose Your Option Below
    Number of Teams
    Up to 20 Teams
    Up to 20 Teams - Includes Referee Insurance
    21 to 50 Teams
    21 to 50 Teams - Includes Referee Insurance
    51 to 100 Teams
    51 to 100 Teams - Includes Referee Insurance
    100+ Teams - No Referee Insurance
    100+ Teams
    Optional Referee Accident Insurance
    Exclude Referee Insurance
    Include Referee Insurance

    Hosted hockey tournament insurance is designed for a third party who is organizing a tournament. Pricing is based upon the number of teams participating in the tournament. It features an option to include referee accident insurance.

    This insurance does not cover the players. All participating teams must provide confirmation of insurance to the tournament organizer - insurance for the teams is mandatory.

    If required, you can provide additional insured information after your purchase.

    This insurance product includes a $25 processing fee.