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Canadian Sports Insurance Brokers

CSIB insurance is marketed in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI by:

Firstbrook Cassie & Anderson Ltd.
1867 Yonge Street, Suite 300,
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Y5

Toll Free: 1 (800) 267-0281
Phone: (416) 486-1421
Fax: (416) 486-7035

Available Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Staff Directory

Tyler Tisdale
Registered Insurance Broker, Firstbrook Cassie & Anderson Ltd.
p. 1-800-267-0281  
Specialties: Sports, Commercial, Organizations, Franchises

For customers in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Newfoundland and Labrador, you'll receive a response from Firstbrook Cassie & Anderson Ltd., a trusted CSIB-East sales partner.

For customers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, you'll receive a response from CSIB-West.

CSIB Sports Insurance products are not available for purchase by customers residing in Quebec, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, nor Yukon at this time.